Mark R. Healy

Mark has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. In the early days he assembled his own illustrated books with accompanying stories and forced his parents to buy them. Unfortunately this model was not scalable, so in later years he has sought to promote his works to a wider audience.

He loves nothing more than to surprise readers, and, as a result, there are always twists and turns in each of his novels. He also endeavors to reach readers on an emotional level, by crafting complex characters that have real and believable relationships with each other. All of this is set against immersive, fully-realized sci-fi worlds that lend authenticity to the experience.

It is Mark’s goal to write stories that stay with the reader long after they have turned the last page.


Dawn of Procyon by Mark R Healy

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Eclipse of Procyon Mark R Healy

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Dawn of Procyon

"Dawn of Procyon is a thrilling sci-fi book with a good plot that keeps the reader wondering how it will end. All I can say is it's worth the read to figure out." —Tanya Reardon, Amazon 5 Star Reviewer

In the midst of an interstellar conflict, mechanic Landry Stanton is shipwrecked on a remote outpost planet, stranded along with a hostile alien that wants him dead.

All Landry wants is to forget the woman he left back on Earth, but now he finds that much bigger issues are at stake: the creature, belonging to a species known as the Argoni, may hold the key to turning the tide in the entire war, assuming Landry can live long enough to tell anyone about it.

Pitched into a life and death struggle against the brutal environment and the Argoni itself, Landry is forced to challenge everything he thought he knew about the war, the aliens and even himself.

Eclipse of Procyon

"The characters pop off the page. The action is electric. Mark R. Healy is a new voice in sci-fi that's worth keeping an eye on!" - Rhett C. Bruno, author of Titanfall and The Circuit

The human race is engaged in a war with the Argoni, a ruthless alien war-species. On the outskirts of earth-owned territory, the colony planet Procyon One guards against an attack from the skies. However, the danger is closer than its inhabitants realize.

Landry Stanton alone knows of the impending disaster, but he and his coworker Cait Underwood are stranded miles from the outpost. Pursued by the Argoni, they must traverse the unforgiving landscape of Procyon One to sound the warning in time. Desperate, they delve into the secrets of the Argoni, but this risks both Landry's life and his humanity.

Meanwhile, Marshall Evan Cole is blissfully unaware of the dire situation outside. He is called upon to lead a missing person case, but as the mystery is unraveled, Cole realizes that the outpost may be threatened by an enemy within.

Can Landry get to the outpost in time to save it from the hostile Argoni? Can Cole keep the outpost together long enough for them to fight off the alien threat? Or will the Argoni gain the final victory?

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