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Some Prizes You Don't Have to Win.
Today marks the final battle between the Light Side and the Dark, which means our authors need your help. Just by purchasing their print books below (on sale TODAY ONLY for $10 each, free shipping), you'll automatically get cool bonuses and sweet exclusives. Here's what you'll get: 

First 50 Buyers: The first 50 people to buy 1 or more print books will get:
-- An exclusive look at the first chapter of Got Hope, sequel to Michael Darling's urban fantasy thriller Got Luck
-- The secret final chapter of That Girl, Darcy by James Ramos
-- 5 never-before-released deleted scenes from The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens
-- Maps and character sketches by The Stone Bearers author Jacque Stevens

Basic Bonus Package: Buy 1 or more print books and get:
-- A free digital copy of every print book purchased ($2.99+ value each)
-- 5 FREE ebooks, a $12 value:
       Finding June by Shannen Camp (contemporary romance)
       Changing Fate by Michelle Merrill (contemporary YA)
       After the Winter by Mark Healy (dystopia sci fi)
       Earthbound by Mark Healy (sci fi)
       Ama's Watch by Zachary James (medieval satire)

Deluxe Bonus Package: Buy 3 or more print books and get: 
-- Exclusive "Art of" PDF booklet, featuring sketches & early designs from Floater by Rick & Ryan Goldsberry 
-- 2 RARE 1st edition ebooks by F.C. Shaw (no longer available anywhere)
        Sherlock Academy 
        Sherlock Academy: Watson's Case 
-- 2 short stories:
      "The Machine" by Mark R. Healy
       "Song of the Wind" by Jared Garrett, Honorable Mention Winner  

Supreme Bonus Package: Buy 5 or more print books and get: 
-- A signed print copy of Got Luck by Michael Darling (First 5 buyers ONLY. Official print copies unavailable before October.)
-- FREE download of Hibernal, a theatrical audio story by Mark Healy
-- A collection of Sherlock Academy spy trinkets, bookmarks, and notepads 
-- FREE Limited Edition Future House Book Bot poster
-- FREE Prepublished Digital Copy of our Future Worlds Anthology

Already bought a print book?
If you bought some of our print books between the 4th & the 10th, just forward your receipt to and you will qualify for these exclusive bonuses.

Also, these packages stack: Qualify for the Supreme Bonus Package, and you'll get everything from the Deluxe and Basic Packages, too--a $50 value total

The final stage of our #EpicBookBattle begins now! Choose a side. The side with the most sales determines the Grand Prize.

The Teams

Dark Side

Sands - Kevin L. Nielsen - Cover Final Front - YA FantasyKevin L. Nielsen:

$2.99 ebook: Sands:
$12.95 print + shipping:

Storms - Kevin L Nielsen Fantasy (Sharani Series Book 2, Sands Sequel)Kevin L. Nielsen

$4.99 ebook: Storms
$13.95 print + shipping:

Resurgent Shadows by Author Kevin Nielsen CoverKevin L. Nielsen

$2.99 ebook: Resurgent Shadows
$13.95 print + shipping:

The Stone Bearers Jacque Stevens Fantasy CoverJacque Stevens

$2.99 ebook: The Stone Bearers
$13.95 print + shipping:

Pwned - Shannen Crane Camp [Coming of Age, Teen & YA Romance, Cheerleader, Gamer]Shannen Crane Camp

$4.99 ebook: Pwned
$12.95 print + shipping:

Parrish by Shannon Crane CampShannen Crane Camp

$2.99 ebook: Parrish
$13.95 print + shipping:

Evertaster - Adam Glendon SidwellAdam Sidwell

ebook: Evertaster
$12.95 print + shipping print:

Chum - Adam Glendon SidwellAdam Sidwell

$2.99 ebook: Chum
$12.95 print + shipping:

Fetch - Adam Glendon SidwellAdam Sidwell

$3.49 ebook: Fetch
$16.95 print + shipping:

Evertaster: Buttersmiths' GoldAdam Sidwell

$0.99 ebook: Buttersmiths' Gold
$11.95 print + shipping:

Got LuckMichael Darling

$3.99 ebook: Got Luck
$13.95 print + shipping:

theHungerEditMichael D. Young

$2.99 ebook: The Hunger
$13.95 print pre-order + shipping:

Etherwalker by Cameron DaytonCameron Dayton

$2.99 ebook: Etherwalker
$13.95 print + shipping:

Coming soonMichelle Merrill

ebook: Granted
$12.95 print preorder + shipping:

Light Side

That Girl, Darcy by James RamosJames Ramos

$2.99 ebook: That Girl, Darcy
$10 print: SOLD OUT

Caretaker by Josi RussellJosi Russell

$3.99 ebook: Caretaker
$12.95 print + shipping:

Guardians - Josi Russell - Science Fiction AdventureJosi Russell

$3.99 ebook: Guardians
$14.95 print + shipping:

Marrow - Preston NortonPreston Norton

$3.99 ebook: Marrow
$12.95 print + shipping:

Sherlock Academy by F.C. Shaw - Future House PublishingF.C. Shaw

$2.99 ebook: Sherlock Academy
$14.95 print + shipping:

Sherlock Academy 2 - Watson's Case - Cover - FC ShawF.C. Shaw

$3.99 ebook: Watson's Case
$14.95 print + shipping:

The Magical Flight of Dodie Rue - F.C. Shaw - Children's Fantasy AdventureF.C. Shaw

$2.99 ebook: The Magical Flight of Dodie Rue
$12.95 print + shipping:

Floater by Rick & Ryan Goldsberry - Future House PublishingRick & Ryan Goldsberry

$16.95 print + shipping:

Dawn of Procyon by Mark R Healy ScifiMark R. Healy

$2.99 ebook: Dawn of Procyon
$13.95 print preorder + shipping:

Horizon Alpha Predators Of Eden ScifiD.W. Vogel

$0.99 ebook: Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden
$12.95 print preorder + shipping:

Beat - Jared Garrett - Dystopian/Sci-fiJared Garrett

$0.99 ebook: Beat
$12.95 print preorder + shipping::

Lakhoni - Jared Garrett - Ancient American FictionJared Garrett

$3.99 ebook: Lakhoni
$13.95 print + shipping:

Ghostsitter Shelly Brown Middle Grade MysteryShelly Brown

ebook (only available by buying print copy): Ghostsitter
$14.95 print preorder + shipping:

Battle Stats


Dark Side

May 4: 116 WINNER
May 5: 143 WINNER
May 6: 219
May 7: 382 WINNER
May 8: 184 WINNER
May 9: 207 WINNER

Light Side

May 4: 103
May 5: 128
May 6: 227 WINNER
May 7: 177
May 8:  153
May 9: 106



Enter to win the grand prize below. The prize will be selected based on which team (above) sold the most books. If you want the Dark Side to win, support the Dark Side team by buying some of their books on Amazon. Almost all of our ebooks are priced at $0.99 through today and all our print books are available through our site for only $10 with free shipping and exclusive bonuses (see above).

To be entered to win the grand prize at the end of this giveaway you need to have your email registered above. Additional changes to win are below,

If you win the Grand Prize, you won't just get one of these awesome Star Wars prizes. You'll also get a bundle of SIGNED print books, including: 

--The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens
--Changing Fate by Michelle Merrill 
--Beyond the Cabin by Jared Garrett

       Dark Side Prize                                     Light Side Prize

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