Sherlock Academy: The Holmes Brigade

by F.C. Shaw

"Is it too late for me to enroll at the Sherlock Academy of Fine Sleuths? I adore this series, and The Holmes Brigade feels as if Trenton Lee Stewart and Eoin Colfer have teamed up to write the perfect homage to my favorite fictional detective. F.C. Shaw is marvelous." - Charles Finch, bestselling author of the Charles Lenox Mysteries

Book 3 of the #1 Bestselling Sherlock Academy Series!

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About Sherlock Academy: The Holmes Brigade

Coded clues, midnight escapades, secret societies…
These and more await Rollie Wilson as he enjoys his Christmas vacation from Sherlock Academy of Fine Sleuths. While Rollie’s school is on break, the mysteries surrounding the elusive Herr Zilch continue. Rollie, Cecily, and their detective comrades discover a prowler has sneaked into Zilch’s empty mansion that is filled with secrets of Zilch’s evil schemes.
As the mysteries and dangers increase, Rollie and his friends’ safety is threatened. Will Herr Zilch come after the young sleuths? Will Rollie uncover the secrets within the mansion? Can Rollie and his comrades stop Zilch before he destroys the Academy?

Farah Shaw

Farah Shaw started writing stories when she was eight years old. She loves children's stories, Sherlock Holmes, and mysteries, so had to write a book combining all three. She spends her afternoons writing for kids, and her nights dreaming of new stories. She lives with her husband and two sons in a home they have ambitiously dubbed The Manor in California. With a teaching credential and Master's in Education, she has taught every grade from kindergarten to college. When she's not plotting stories, she teaches visual arts in local schools and enjoys a good game of Scrabble.

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