by Jared Garrett


"Lakhoni drinks deep from the wellspring of American fiction. It tells an adventure tale that is tragic, romantic, mysterious, noble, violent, mystic, and ultimately universal. Lakhoni is a story for every reader; it is a story for you." —D. J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye

About Lakhoni

Lakhoni has been left for dead. When the king’s guards attack his village and slaughter his people, he regains consciousness only to find his sister has been taken captive.

Armed with only a bow, Lakhoni must traverse a brutal wilderness, face deadly warriors, and battle legendary tattooed assassins, all in order to save his sister’s life. But along the way, he discovers the truth about his parents: they were not the simple villagers they seemed. Instead, they were hiding a great secret that goes back to the First Fathers and may determine the fate of the kingdom itself.

But Lakhoni isn’t the only one who wants the king dead. Ancient enemies are poised to strike while traitors poison the kingdom from within. With the life of the king and the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance, can Lakhoni avenge his parents’ death without becoming a murderer himself?


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