Dan Allen

After fifteen years in the science lab designing lasers, nanoparticles, and smartphone sensors, author Dan Allen roared onto the writing scene in 2017 with the fantasy epic Fall of the Dragon Prince. At home in the Rocky Mountains, Dan is CFO (chief fun officer) of his family and enjoys cosplay, escape rooms, game design, and general science mayhem. You can keep up with Dan’s latest fantasy and sci-fi on his website authordanallen.com, where you can also send him random science questions.

School Tours

It’s STEM. It’s fantasy. It’s—wait, seriously? Science and Fantasy? #selfesteem #funny #motivational #geekyandcool What could be more interesting than stories of dragons and deeds of daring? How about an author who also invents parts that go into top-selling smartphones, who can also do a backflip and...use chopsticks with either hand? From the shortest, most picked-on kid in the school to a college athlete. From 10 years of failed science to a top-secret government laser lab. From the twenty-five-year-old who had never written a story to published author. Take it from someone who likely grew up smaller, less popular and less rich than you (and possibly blew up more labs than you), you can do anything if you chase your dreams. ...except defying gravity. Unless your school is the first to successfully levitate from laughter alone.
School visit agenda: -Workshop for Writers: a select meeting with students interested in writing. -Science Workshop: a select meeting with students interested in STEM careers including fun with chemicals, math, and a sneak peek at the future of tech. -Motivational ‘You Can do Anything Except Go Back in Time’ assembly for all students including exclusive sneak-peek readings from soon-to-be-released novels, dragon-matching personality quiz, and science demonstrations. -Lunch with special needs students or a school contest-winning class Book signings and prizes. For more information contact: schools@futurehousepublishing.com


The price is $1200 for a full day school visit; $650 for a half day.

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