Zachary James

A billion years ago, Zachary was very disappointed he wasn't yet born. Thankfully, things were rectified some time later, and he has been trying to make up for lost time ever since. Zachary James is the very creative pen name of Zachary James Strickland. Thanks to his interest in animated blockbusters, Zachary aspired to be an animator long into his youth before he realized he would much rather write stories than draw the same thing over and over again. Now a master at filing rejection letters, Zachary continues to forge ahead with his love of storytelling. An indie writer by hobby, Zachary wrote Ama's Watch and updates his opinion blog three times a week. In addition, his writings have appeared in PeaceHealth's The Caregiver, as well as several of their magazine publications. You can find Zachary at his website,, or at his blog,