Beat by Jared Garrett Cover Reveal

April 13, 2016 FHPMaster

Future House proudly presents Jared Garrett’s Beat, complete with a new cover and more! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Future House CEO, Adam Glendon Sidwell, says of Beat, “A sci-fi thriller in a dystopian world. Fans of the Hunger Games or the movie Speed will love the premise of beat.” Beat is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Beat - Jared Garrett - Dystopian/Sci-fi

About Beat

Better calm than dead. Better safe than sorry.

Nik Granjer hates the Bug. It was the Bug that destroyed the world when it wiped out more than ninety percent of humanity a hundred years ago.

Even now, the Bug kills anyone whose heart rate goes over 140 beats per minute. That’s why the Prime Administrator gave everyone the Papas – digital wrist monitors that put people to sleep when their heart rate gets too high. The Papas saved humankind.

But one night on the border of New Frisko, Nik tampers with his Papa and discovers a dreadful secret: the Bug might not be there after all.  When his experiment takes a terrible turn, a brutal enforcement squad from the city forces Nik into hiding.

On the run and searching for allies, Nik’s only hope is to discover the truth about the Prime Administrator’s regime and the origins of the Bug. If he doesn’t, humankind may never break free from the conspiracy holding it in its grip.

Jared Garrett - Author of Beat & LakhoniMeet Jared

Jared Garrett is a happy family man with a lovely and delightful wife and six awesome kids. He has written fiction, user manuals, radio scripts and textbooks and has won first place in the Mayhew writing contest at BYU and received honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest. He’s also done voice narration and a fair bit of stage work. He is a recent transplant from Utah to Seattle.

He was born in Chicago in the seventies, grew up in New York City, Dallas, Denver, Washington DC, and several other big cities in the 80s, finished high school in the 90s, and traveled the world during the first decade of the 2000s.

Highlights: Music from the seventies was the best. Music from the 80s was rad. Music from the 90s was intermittently great and awful. And modern music? Don’t get him started.

He loves movies, books, hiking, bicycling, Thai food, and cookies and cream ice cream. Also marshmallows.

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