Super Dungeon Book Series Pre-Order Coming Soon

In August, Future House Publishing announced our new five-book series based in the world of Super Dungeon. Since that announcement, we’ve had tons of feedback from fans of the game. It’s been so great to hear from you all and see how excited you are about this new series! Your voices were clear. The vast majority of you were interested in a pre-order, so that’s what we’ve decided to do.  Here is how it will work: The pre-order will be open for 30 days. During that month, fans can order copies of all five books, plus sets of miniatures. After…

Future House Novelizes International Strategy Game Hit Super Dungeon

Elves, princesses, and riftlings…Set in the world of the bestselling tabletop strategy game, Super Dungeon, our new five book series tells the story of the Heroes of Crystalia as they battle epic monsters and track down the adventuring princesses in the furthest reaches of the realm. The series and limited edition miniature figures of the main characters will be available later this year.

What Sets Fantasy Apart from Other Genres and Why Is It So Popular?

When it comes to fiction, everyone has their favorite genres. As the fourth most popular genre behind romance, action, and science fiction, fantasy always tends to fall within the top 5. While some critics lump sci-fi and fantasy together, fantasy is in a world of its own because of the magic everyone wishes they possessed. Both sci-fi and fantasy put readers in another world and usually another time, but always with the understanding that there is nothing commonplace about what you are about to read.