“The perfect alchemy of science fiction and magic…. I can’t wait for the next installment!”—C. David Belt, The Arawn Prophecy and Time’s Plague



About Exalting

The Believer Fleet launched into space with one goal: escape total annihilation.

Xahna, the ninth world, is their last hope.

But it holds a power like none other ever discovered.

On the planet Xahna, cities create their own supreme beings through the power of bloodstones.

When seventeen-year-old Dana of Norr discovers a key bloodstone, she unlocks a power that will grant access to the will of all twenty thousand inhabitants of the city bound to it. With the stone, she would possess near limitless power—that is if she can escape the death penalty that comes with using it and the extremists sworn to kill her and seize it for themselves.

But with her friends in danger, the temptation to use the forbidden bloodstone grows stronger.

With the Believer Fleet’s advance landing team already en-route, help is on the way—if Dana can survive long enough.


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