Galaxy’s End

by J. T. Solo


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Galaxy’s End is a fast-paced space race that will appeal to fans of Star WarsFirefly, and Star Trek


About Galaxy’s End

Dax, Captain of the Kyrie, has been flying in space for long enough to know his way around the workings of interplanetary travel. The three-dimensional travel, the artificial gravity, the wormholes to get you to those far off places; he’s old hat at it all.

But the most important part of any space journey is constant connection to the Tactum. 

The Tactum is the sub-space communication link between a thousand worlds. Five hundred years ago, it joined one solar system to another, instantaneously carrying the voices of the citizens of the Cooperative across the vast expanse between stars. The Tactum enabled humankind to colonize the galaxy.

And it has never gone silent. Until right now.


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