Got Hope



“Darling’s surprising and inventive prose, powerful characters, and exemplary attention to Celtic details makes this book as intriguing as it is action packed.” —Mikki Kells, author of the Ace of Hearts Series

“Got’s snarky point of view and his ability to throw out one-liners will have fans coming back again and again. Author Michael Darling has made his mark on the urban fantasy genre, and his latest book will leave you laughing and filled with hope.” —Paul Genesse, Bestselling Author of The Iron Dragon Series

“Every page sparkles with lighthearted energy. Unique, thrilling, and absolutely surprising, Darling’s prose sweeps you into a world of fantastic characters and unexpected twists. This novel has it all: magic, humor, and a delicious mystery that will keep you turning the pages. Don’t miss Got Hope.” —Josi Russell, author of the bestselling Caretaker Chronicles


About Got Hope

Private investigator Goethe “Got” Luck saved humankind once already. With one dangerous enemy dead and another in exile for one-hundred years, both the mortal realm and the realm of the Fae—the Behindbeyond—seem to be safe. Now Got can go back to nice, normal detective work. Until a beautiful cheerleader lands in front of his house, strapped to a bomb.

Got is more than ready to protect the cheerleader, Hope, but it turns out she’s not just a victim; she’s bait. The realm of the Fae hasn’t forgotten Got, and an ancient secret society from the Behindbeyond wants to use him to seize control of the Fae realm. As their enemies multiply, Got realizes events are set to spiral out of control and if he can’t stop them, it will mean nothing less than civil war among the Fae.

Accompanied by allies old and new, Got will do anything to end the threat. But the secret society has promised to make Got serve them, either in life or in death, and it looks like no clever strategy, no insulting joke, no magic spell will be enough to stop them.

This time, even with all the Hope in the world, Got may run out of Luck.


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