Got Lost




Got Lost is the funniest book in the series. A tour de force urban fantasy with more laughs, deeper emotions, and a sarcastic private detective who can burn with both magic and words.”

—Paul Genesse, bestselling author of Sakura: Intellectual Property




About Got Lost

Family. Happiness. Death. Goethe “Got” Luck hasn’t been to a lot of weddings, but it doesn’t take a detective to know it’s a bad one if the bride is angry, the groom is bleeding, and dozens of children from the choir have vanished. The missing kids aren’t the first. Or the last. Children are being abducted in the mortal realm and the Behindbeyond. When two FBI agents show up on Got’s doorstep, ready to accuse him of kidnapping, his detective skills are put to the test. His search for answers takes him back to the orphanage for Halflings in Louisiana where he grew up, then to a barrow of long-dead Fae, and finally to Tír na nÓg, the realm of dreams ruled by the dangerous and powerful goddess, Caer Ibormeith. In her world, nothing is as it seems, and lethal, living nightmares lurk around every corner. To rescue the children—and himself—Got will contend with a realm that has no way out and adversaries with their own devious plans. But all the luck in the world does no good if you are lost.

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