Horizon Beta

Horizon Beta

“Horizon Delta is an interstellar adventure that is truly stellar. The story hurtles along with characters that have real depth, and the worldbuilding is detailed and believable. The several races and planets are so well done and, delightfully, the ending is the most satisfying I’ve read this year.” —Michael Darling, bestselling author of Got Luck

“D. W. Vogel delivers a whirlwind tour of the slimier parts of the galaxy.”  —Dan Allen, author of The Dungeons of Arcadia

About Horizon Delta:

Jonah was born on a dying spaceship. If everything had gone according to plan, Jonah would have lived and died aboard Horizon Delta, leaving his future descendants to colonize a new home for humanity. But the ship will never make it. 

The unforgiving journey has weakened their vessel and, when a meteor takes out the last of their remaining functional systems, they are stranded centuries from their final destination. Fifteen-year-old Jonah and his little brother are among the few survivors crowded into a tiny chamber, waiting for either the water or the air to run out. 

When they are picked up by a dark, silent alien spacecraft, the refugees believe they’re saved. But after days of being held captive, one by one, they start to be taken, never to return.

With tensions rising and people disappearing, Jonah takes a desperate chance to escape their imprisonment. In order to find a safe haven for his brother and his people, Jonah must find allies against their advanced and ruthless enemies and make it back to a ship that is designed to be untraceable. 

Jonah is going to save his brother and the last of his people, no matter what it takes.

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Horizon Beta

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