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Kestrel Run

By J. T. Solo

Fans of science fiction will put on their space boots to join Phaser Madsen and his crew on a smuggling trip that quickly goes from dicey to downright world-ending. Deadly racing, space pirates, mystical cults—this space opera has it all.

About Kestrel Run:

The Iridium Fox is the shiniest ship a good captain could hope for. At least, that’s the way Phaser Madsen—master smuggler and sometimes-criminal—sees it. If only he could pay her off. Then she’d really be his. Trouble is, each job seems to drive him and his crew deeper into debt.

So when Phaser gets an offer that could make the ship his forever, he accepts it in a heartbeat. All he has to do is win the deadliest race in the galaxy, while carrying a package for a mystical cult of mercenaries, so he can deliver his cargo to an unknown person at the winner’s circle. Simple enough, right?

Sure, there may be a few mercenaries and crime bosses who want to slit their throats, but that’s business as usual. And Phaser and his crew are no novices when it comes to death-defying stunts. But when the job to win his ship turns into a job to end the universe, Phaser begins to wonder if the Iridium Fox is as shiny as he once thought. None of that will matter if they don’t make it out alive.