“Sentinel is the third book in a series and while the story references events from past novels, Sentinel stands completely on its own …  two feet. There is no need to start from the beginning of the series. All you need to know is that the craft of storytelling is in good hands with Russell. If you want a smart and fascinating tale of intergalactic adventure, Sentinel is [the book] for you. Highly Recommended.”— Michael Darling, author of Got Luck

“Sentinel is my favorite of the three Caretaker books. The pace was excellent and I never lost interest in the story.”—5 Star Reviewer


About Sentinel

Rigel Bryant is the only natural born telepathic human in the history of the universe. His father, Ethan, wants him to lock his abilities away, but Rigel doesn’t see the big deal in using his gifts.

Rigel’s carefree attitude is shattered when he receives an urgent telepathic distress signal that overwhelms his every thought. The call comes from Ethan’s old friend, Tesuu the Zumiin, who saved his life during his misadventures as Caretaker.

In order to reclaim Rigel’s mind, the father-son pair hire a beautiful pilot named Carine to take them to the Zumiin planet. When the trio arrives, they are attacked by AI robots determined to kill any potential threat to the Zumiin, including their own programmer. Before Ethan and Tesuu can find a solution to the problem, a deadly poisonous snake bites Ethan, sending him into a deep coma. While Tesuu battles the rampaging robots, Rigel hunts for a rare antidote to save his father’s life.

Can Rigel become a hero like his father, or is it too late for him and the rest of the universe?


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