The Hunger



“Stellar imagery, relatable characters, and an underlying good versus evil. I love that the story is written from multiple points of view. And, as I struggle a little bit with imagining the way things look, the use of color here is SO helpful for me!! Finally, a book I can picture while enjoying the story line. I can’t WAIT for the next one to come out!!!” —5 Star Reviewer

“The world is beautifully described and easy to envision, the quest is familiar but with many unique elements to it, making it seem fresh. The characters are complex, interesting, and show continual growth throughout. The story itself is well paced, tension where needed, suspenseful, yet full of action at others. Kudos for a well-written fantasy novel!” —5 Star Reviewer


About The Hunger

Feed your Hunger.

In a distant, war-torn land, every man, woman and child must either consume the magical substance known as Sustenance or succumb to the Hunger. Those who succumb develop deformities and face exile—or even death.

The scholar Azil wants nothing more than to lead a tranquil life and beat back the Hunger. But when a mysterious assassin tries to kill Azil, and a stranger shows up at his door challenging him to join her on a quest, he embarks on a dangerous journey to steal the sacred gems of Sustenance guarded in a forbidden fortress. To get there, Azil must venture through a land of floating cities, ravenous mage wraiths, ax-wielding warriors, and bloodthirsty bandits.

But with the sacred gems of Sustenance come volatile magic—magic so strange and dangerous, that the prophecies foretell it could usher in a golden age, or turn its wielder into the darkest of villains.


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