The Magical Flight of Dodie Rue

by F.C. SHAW


“Thoroughly enjoyed myself as I got the ‘behind the scenes scoop’ on the Aladdin story. Good characters and high energy!” —5 Star Reviewer

“Hold on to your tassles because you’re about to take a wild, magical carpet ride. . . . Kids will love the adventure, but they’ll also spend some time with worthwhile characters who teach us what true courage looks like. Exciting and inspiring!” —5 Star Reviewer

“It is a fast paced exciting read as the underdog learns to trust himself, trust others, and face his fears. The magical world that F.C. Shaw created is fantastic, and I love how she weaves important lessons all children should learn.” —5 Star Reviewer



About The Magical Flight of Dodie Rue

A race with no rules.

In a land of fortune telling, alchemy, and magic carpet racing, Dodie Rue feels out of place. Dodie wishes he could be more like his brother Taj, everyone’s favorite pick to win first place in the upcoming Grand Flyer. But Dodie doesn’t have the nerve or stomach for racing, and the town bully Atallah won’t let him forget it.

With the race just a few days away, Taj is suddenly poisoned by an unknown opponent. Now, with only seven days to live, Taj’s only hope is for Dodie to win the race and its grand prize: a wish from a genie.

But the desert is a treacherous place with ghouls, sandstorms, and dragons around every dune. In a race with no rules, can Dodie overcome his fear of flying, outsmart the other racers, and rescue his brother from the grip of death?


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