The W.H.O Files: Potions in the Pizza



“Creepy and fun with spot-on humor, Potions in the Pizza is must-read, Middle Grade. Pure magic!” —Frank L. Cole, author of The Afterlife Academy.

“Emmy, Ethan, and Jax are my new best friends. I loved every minute of this book and want to read more about this spunky, funny trio. Quirky, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and exciting, this is a great read for kids and adults who are kids at heart. Read it! Now!” —J. Scott Savage, author of Case Files 13 series and Mysteries of Cove series. 


About The W.H.O Files: Potions in the Pizza

10-year-old twins Ethan and Emmy’s parents have never told their kids what they do for a living. Then just before Halloween, while their parents are away on an emergency business trip, Ethan, Emmy, and their best friend Jax discover a HUGE secret: could the twins’ parents actually be . . . witch hunters?

Meanwhile at school, a new team of glamorous lunch ladies arrives on the scene, serving meals that taste way too good to come from a school cafeteria. There’s only one logical explanation: they’re witches, and the meals they serve are spiked with a dangerous potion!

Why have witches come to Roosevelt Elementary? Where have Ethan and Emmy’s parents gone? Can it be a mere coincidence that their parents left just as the witches arrived?

Whether they’re ready or not, Ethan and Emmy have only one option if they want to save their school and find their parents: become witch hunters themselves.