The Dungeons of Arcadia

by Dan Allen

Coming February 2020

About The Dungeons of Arcadia

The Orcs have always been bloodthirsty and dangerous, but nothing the dwarves couldn’t handle. Until the Orcs start using weapons infused with deadly rune magic. Now the dwarves are on the verge of annihilation. To save his people, the young dwarf prince Gork heads for a source of ancient magic: the deserts of Arcadia. There he hopes to uncover the secrets behind the rune magic and turn the tide in the war for his mountain home.

He is soon joined in his quest by the famously hazardous Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, and Terras, a druid with his own brand of extreme magic. Together the Heroes seek aid in the fight against the Dark Consul, the leader of all dark creatures in Crystalia.

But there is a reason the secrets of Arcadia have remained untouched for so long. Darkness thrives beneath the desert sand and the creatures that dwell there are lethal, vicious, and starving. And rumor has it that an even more sinister monster burrows deep in Arcadia, awaiting any foolish enough to venture into its territory.

These adventurers must work together if they want to uncover the secrets hidden within Arcadia . . . and escape with their lives.

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