Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology

Featuring Michael Darling, Josi Russell, Cameron Dayton, Mark R. Healy, Jared Garrett, and D.W. Vogel


“Great anthology. Will definitely read again!!” —5 Star Reviewer

About Future Worlds

Love science fiction? Consider this your formal introduction to a whole bunch of out-of-this-world books and authors. For the first time ever, we at Future House Publishing are combining the best of the best in our new book: Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology.

Within the anthology, you will find stories spun from the webs of current Future House bestselling books. Haven't read any of their books yet? Don't worry: the Future Worlds Anthology is a good place to start. Whether you are a fan of space dinosaurs, population annihilating bugs, interstellar magicians, man vs. distant planet scenarios, or colonization troubles, this anthology will have something galactic for you!

Featuring Michael Darling (Got Luck), Josi Russell (Caretaker, Guardians), Cameron Dayton (Etherwalker), Mark R. Healy (Dawn of Procyon), Jared Garrett (Beat), D.W. Vogel (Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden) and more!

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