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The Midnight Queen Copy

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About The Midnight Queen:

The hope of Crystalia lies in the Prophecy of Five. The prophesied princesses have traveled the kingdom, fighting monsters and tyrants across the realm to bring about peace. But not all of the princesses have returned safely. Without them, darkness begins to overtake the land and its inhabitants. At the center of the growing darkness is the mysterious Midnight Queen, a figure seemingly involved in every plot against the Goddess, including capturing the missing princesses. To protect the kingdom, Otto of the Royal Paladins volunteers to face.......

Get all five original Super Dungeon Series books !

The King's Summons

The forgotten King

The Glauerdoom Moor

The Dungeons of Arcadia

The Midnight Queen

All Five Series

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What about my previous Super Dungeon purchases?

We are not able to answer any questions on behalf of Ninja Division. We are only the publisher of the Super Dungeon Series and His Majesty’s Paladins books and are only approved to sell the related miniature figures. For any questions about other Super Dungeon purchases or products, please direct your questions to

What age group are the Super Dungeon books for?

These books are for all age groups. We have them labeled as “smart middle grade,” which basically means that younger ages will enjoy the series, but the writing and content does not exclude older fans.

Are the Super Dungeon books canon lore?

Yes, the Super Dungeon Series and His Majesty’s Paladins books are canon. We went through extensive research and study guides provided by Soda Pop/Ninja Division, and all of our plots were approved. We include characters that fans know and love (King Jasper, the princesses, etc.) and are as true to the board game as possible.

Are the books available in any other language?

At this time, our books are only available in English.

Are refunds/returns allowed?

If order cancellations become necessary, please contact us at, and we would be happy to help. Refunds will be offered on a case by case basis.

I live outside the US. Are you offering international shipping?

No, we are not. Due to a US fulfillment center, we are limited to shipments inside the US. For international customers, our books are available through Amazon and other major book retailers. Visit the book’s individual page for a list of sellers.

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