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Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology is now free for a limited time. Get stories from six Bestselling Authors including #1 Bestseller in Cyberpunk Cameron Dayton (Warcraft, Diablo), Award-Winning Author Josi Russell (Caretaker), and more. You’ll get stories like:

Spera Angelorum: When one of the most-beloved authors of the 1800s meets the most famous magician of the 20th century on the planet of the angels, past and future collide in ways that may be far too real.

Stasis Dreams: En-route to the planet Minea, Taiver wakes up from stasis to find himself trapped in a malfunctioning pod, submerged in liquid, and unable to move. And Minea is still thirty years away.

High Wire: Scouting crews that leave the safety of the stranded Ark on distant planet Tau Ceti come back too often with fewer men than they started with. The rumors of shadowy monsters in the forest may be all too real.

And more!