We are Future House Publishing

We tell stories that make us magnificent. Spaceships. Monsters. Heroes.

Our Core Values

With roots in cinematic storytelling, Future House publishes adult science
fiction and fantasy, as well as middle grade adventure books
that embrace community, liberty, and family.


Stories that talk about and herald the communities in which they live. We cherish heroes that build up communities, helping them to be better and overcome obstacles.


We publish stories that champions heroes that fight for liberty, both physically and with how they act.


At the center of our society is the family. We uphold strict content standards that makes all of published content family friendly and clean. More about that lower on the page.

Tyrants. Mavericks. Tribes.

Portfolio photo of Adam Sidwell.

Future House was founded by Adam Sidwell, a storyteller and creative technologist
with over a decade of experience making blockbuster movies.

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The long ago and the yet-to-be: our books are a unique blend of original and licensed properties, including page-turning stories set in worlds first born in film, tabletop games, and more.

Future House Publishing is an imprint of Familius. Our books are represented for TV & Film Development by Kaplan Stahler Agency. Future House books are distributed by Workman in partnership with Hatchette.

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