We Want to Hear Your Story

Our team is looking for authors we can turn into rock stars and astronauts across all of space and time.

We’re looking for science fiction, fantasy, and middle grade adventure novels. We publish cinematic page-turners.

So bring us your dragons, your aliens, and your tales of bygone days and we’ll bring our book-making magic.

We want to create a brand with you. We love authors who have plans for a series of 3 books or longer and want to leave a long-lasting legacy with each world they build.

Future House Publishing is an imprint of Familius. Future House books are distributed by Workman, the largest independent distributor in North America, and are represented for TV & Film Development by Kaplan Stahler Agency. Foreign Rights are represented by DropCap Rights Agency.

What We're Looking For

Future House publishes adult science fiction and fantasy, as well as middle grade adventure books that embrace community, liberty, and family.

We want stories that will challenge readers’ minds with innovative ideas.

We are a family-friendly publisher; we only consider manuscripts that follow our clean content guidelines. This includes no excessive profanity, sexual content, or graphic violence. Submissions containing such content will not be considered.

Science fiction and fantasy submissions should be aimed at ages 14+ or 18+ and approximately 70–90K words. Middle grade submissions should be 40–60K words and written for children ages 7+. Future House is not accepting picture book or early reader chapter book submissions.

We’re especially looking for series with 3 or more books.



Do you accept manuscripts from authors outside the United States?

Yes, we accept manuscripts from anywhere in the world, but we only publish books in English.


Can I submit previously published or self-published manuscripts?

Yes. All previous ebook publications would need to be discontinued from sale and the previous print publications would need to be out of print or removed from on demand printing. The author must be in possession of all the rights. Please include information about the previous publication and previous sales of the book/series.


Can I submit a sequel to a previously published or self-published book?

No, Future House will not publish partial series. If you wish to publish with us, submit the first book in the series. See above for details about submitting a previously published title.


Do you accept translations of books in other languages?

As long as the author or translator can work with our editors in English, we are happy to consider translated titles. In order to be considered, the manuscript must read naturally to native speakers or be able to read naturally with minor editing. The author’s and character’s voices must still be strong, despite being translated. We will put all manuscripts through our normal editing processes, even if they are already published in another language.


Will you translate my book into English?

FHP does not translate books. We only accept manuscripts that have already been translated into good English.


Should I submit my book to you?

In order to be fair to authors who have submitted completed manuscripts, FHP does not review queries, outlines, or partial manuscripts. We are happy to answer questions about our submission process or preferred genres over email, but we will not review author bios, outlines, queries, pitches, or other submission materials that have not been sent through our form.


Will you review the first chapter while I finish writing/translating the book?

FHP does not review partial manuscripts or accept manuscripts in foreign languages. They must be submitted already in English and translated in completion. Partial translations will not be considered.


When should I submit?

Submissions are considered on a first come, first serve basis. Future House reserves the right to close submissions at any time.


How should I submit my series?

Future House is excited to work with authors who are ready to write a series of three or more books. But to submit, please submit only your first novel. It should be a standalone story with a complete plotline and only hints of the loose threads that will make up the story in books 2+. Let us know in the book description that you have plans for more books and what stage of drafting they are in.


Can I include artwork in my submission?

No, submissions should be text only. At this time Future House is not accepting picture book submissions or color illustrations. Do not include cover art. If you have black-and-white illustrations for your middle grade novel or a map for your fantasy novel, you may mention that in the book description. Future House may choose not to include illustrations or to hire our own illustrators, if we publish your book.


Do you make exceptions to your word count requirements?

Manuscripts more than 5K above or below our stated word count requirements will not be considered.


Can I submit multiple titles for your consideration?

Please only submit one manuscript at a time. Future House Publishing can only publish one title by an author during a publishing season, so we will only consider one manuscript by an author at a time.