Future House Publishing is publishing the next generation of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, and Middle Grade books. With distribution in ebook and print in Barnes & Noble, Costco, Amazon, and indie retailers, our team looks for authors we can turn into rock stars and astronauts across all of space and time.

Our Story

Founded in November 2014, Future House Publishing began shortly after founder Adam Sidwell hit the Amazon Overall Top 100 List with his first title and sold the movie rights. He rapidly built a multi-state distribution model that became Future House Publishing.

Since then Future House Publishing has grown. To date, we’ve published over 40 titles, including top sellers Etherwalker, Got Luck, Evertaster, and Sherlock Academy. In 2016, Future House swept State Book Awards with Marrow, Storms, and Caretaker.

The future is bright for books.

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