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Founded in 2014, Future House is a publisher of young adult, middle grade, science fiction, and fantasy books with a growing list of authors and roots in Hollywood cinematic storytelling. Future House Publishing is seeking art interns to work on our layouts and marketing to help make our books and our brand visually appealing.

Art interns will work with our layout and marketing teams to create book covers, ads, social media art, logos, and other images related to our books and our authors. Interns will work closely with mentors and have twice-weekly meetings with FHP employees to provide assistance and learning experiences.

Internships run three times a year, for four month periods (January–April, May–August, and September–December). Internship requirements include fifteen hours of remote work each week and twice-weekly meetings during business hours with FHP employees. Our internships can be completed completely remotely. Communication is handled through phone calls, video chats, and online messaging. No in-person meetings are required.

Interns can come from any educational level. Some Photoshop experience is required, but beginners are welcome as long as they are excited about the work that FHP does and are willing to learn.

If needed for assignments, Photoshop, InDesign, and other programs will be provided. Personal access to Microsoft Word is required. Interns must have a computer that can run these programs and handle large files.

To apply, fill out the application below. No resume is required at this time.

Applicants for the Future House Publishing internship program will be asked to list a specific internship on the application, but, if they do not meet the requirements for their first choice, they will be considered for all of our available internship positions during the hiring process unless they indicate otherwise during their interview. Please only apply once.

Art Intern Application

Please contact with any questions.

Applicants will be contacted two months prior to the start of the upcoming internship period (November, March, and July) to begin the hiring process.

Our art internship is an unpaid learning experience. If you are already an expert on graphic design and illustration and would like to apply to be a freelance illustrator or cover artist, check out this job page instead.