Do You Love Science Fiction and Fantasy?

Future House Publishing is seeking freelance copy editors to polish our bestselling titles. Future House Publishing is a publisher of young adult, middle grade, science fiction, and fantasy books with a growing list of authors and roots in Hollywood cinematic storytelling. Launched in 2014, Future House Publishing has sold books in national bookstores, has propelled books onto the Amazon Overall Best Seller List, and has even sold movie rights.

Future House often uses freelance copy editors to put the final polish on our books. Our copy editors are expected to catch everything from punctuation to inconsistencies to purple prose in order to make sure the book is ready to publish.  Copy editors are not expected to clean up any developmental issues that may have slipped through in previous rounds of editing.

Our active freelance editors can expect between one to three projects offered to them in a six month period. Projects are offered within a few weeks of the project’s start date, and editors are given between two weeks to a month to go through the manuscript, work with the author, and finalize all the changes. Payment for each project is determined by the difficulty of the project and word count of the manuscript.

Editors will be expected to handle full-length manuscripts, keep authors to strict deadlines, and create unique style guides for each project based on the author’s style, Chicago rules, and Future House’s standards.

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. We are currently at capacity for active editors. When a spot opens up, one or more qualified applicants will receive a copy editing test before being added to our active freelancers list. We currently have more than twice as many applicants as active editors, so it may be quite some time before we reach out to even qualified applicants.

Interested editors can apply at the link below.

Freelance Editors Application

Please contact with any questions.