D. W. Vogel is a veterinarian, marathon runner, cancer survivor, SCUBA diver, and current president of Cincinnati Fiction Writers. She is the author of the Horizon Alpha Series, the fantasy novel Super Dungeon: The Forgotten King, and the writing manual Five Minutes to Success: Master the Craft of Writing. She also has short stories in several anthologies from various publishers.

Books by D. W. Vogel:

Horizon Alpha Series

Book One
Book Two
Book Three

Horizon Arc and Other Books By D. W. Vogel

Horizon Beta
Horizon Delta
The Forgotten King: Super Dungeon Book Two
Future Worlds
Dangerous Worlds


D. W. Vogel is available for school visits and media appearances. To book a classroom visit, assembly presentation, and/or school book signing, contact [email protected]. To request review copies, media appearances, interviews, book signings, guest blog posts, or other digital promotional opportunities, contact [email protected]

School Tours:

What makes a hero? Wendy has visited schools and museums to talk with kids about just that. Using Star Wars as an example, she takes a look at the classic Hero’s Journey in literature.  Ideal for grades 3-6, this is a fun introduction into the interpretation of story structure. Through the journey of Luke Skywalker, students will learn about courage and motivation, and the altruism that defines a real hero.

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