Unlike Tiffany and Justin in this story, Shelly Brown hasn’t seen any ghosts. But she has seen lots of movies, traveled to different countries, read hundreds of books, acted in oodles of plays, and made thousands of friends. She has worked as a comedian, a tour guide, and a shake-maker, but is currently a substitute teacher for some of the coolest kids ever. In her spare time she helps her husband, author Chad Morris, write awesome children’s books. Shelly also loves a little spooky in her life. When she was twelve-years-old, she kept her Friday nights open to watch the newest X-Files episode. Every Friday. With the lights off to make it extra creepy. Now she’s married and has five kids and three chickens. And occasionally, she jumps out and scares them. Well, not the chickens.

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School Tours:

Author Shelly Brown’s Ghostsitter, a spooky children’s story, teaches young readers how to face their challenges bravely even when they are afraid. Her “Everyday Courage” message empowers her listeners to try daringly, fail beautifully, and set fears aside in order to live happy lives. Using examples from books and from her own life, she shows that we all have to step out into the scary world in order to become the awesome people that we want to be. Her funny and interactive assembly will keep young audiences hooked to the very end.

Shelly has taught kids for three years with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and has worked as a happiness coach and a paid comedian. She is currently a substitute teacher, a mother to five young children, and a wife to children’s book author Chad Morris.


For out-of-area visits, the price is $600 for a single assembly. To make travel cost-effective, we offer special discounts when you refer other schools that book on the same day in your area:

Single school: $600/school

2 schools: $450/school

3 schools: $350/school

There are also full-day assembly and workshop combination packages available, where students can experience a hands-on writing session with Shelly in a small setting.


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