Super Dungeon

Super Dungeon started as a dungeon explore board game—a board game that now has expanded into a novelization. Enter an incredible fantasy world full of new characters and adventures! Soda Pop Miniatures helped create the cute characters to use as you create your story when you play this game. Now, these characters that you get to become on the board are suddenly following their own story. Our authors have created a narrative that helps you explore the levels of this game in a whole new way. For fans new and old, jump into the exciting world of Super Dungeon, where warriors, princesses, monsters, dungeons, magic, prophecies, and so much more awaits.

About the Super Dungeon Series

The Super Dungeon series is a five-book fantasy novelization project tackled by six authors. Books one through four detail individual adventures for the main characters, which all culminate in the final book in the series. A “smart” middle grade series, the Super Dungeon novels are designed for younger ages while still appealing to older fans of the games.

Welcome to the lands of Crystalia, a kingdom full of magic and mythical races. For centuries, this kingdom has been at peace, but that peace is threatened by a looming evil magical force. The Prophecy of Five says that only the five princesses can unite to break the Dark Consul’s Power. But what happens when the princesses vanish?

The Books