Super Dungeon Series

Super Dungeon Books and Minis Available Now!

This special pre-order offer is only available until April 30th!



Mix and Match Digital Books, Print Books, and Minis:

Print books
Five paperback books for the complete Super Dungeon series

Digital books
Five eBooks for the complete Super Dungeon series

Limited-edition minis
A set of five resin minis that correlate with each book, and five playing cards to make them game ready



How The Pre-order Works

The complete five book Super Dungeon Series won’t be available anywhere else until well into 2020. We’re offering an exclusive pre-order period so you can get all five books RIGHT NOW. Plus, this is your chance to purchase these limited edition Super Dungeon miniatures. 

For digital book orders, you will automatically receive your digital copies by email. For physical items, everything is prepared, proofed, and ready for printing. After the month-long pre-order, we will complete the final printing for our minis, print books, and cards. Within a few weeks, our products will be complete and sent to our fulfillment center. The center will then process each order, and it will be on its way to you!

You can expect up to twelve weeks between the end of the pre-order and delivery to your front door.

About Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore is an RPG-style tabletop game with an emphasis on strategy and teamwork. In the game, a team of heroes bands together to fight against one other player who acts as the “Dark Consul” and controls all the monsters on the board.

About the Super Dungeon five book series

Creative Director at Future House Publishing Adam Glendon Sidwell said, “The game Super Dungeon is so rich with lore, it was practically begging us to write characters and plot our storylines inside its universe.”

So that’s what we did.

Our talented Future House authors have created an exciting and elaborate fantasy world with thrilling characters that will suck you in regardless of whether you’ve played the game.

The kingdom of Crystalia is being overrun by dark magic. The Prophecy of Five warns that only the five princesses together will be strong enough to overthrow the malevolent Dark Consul. But the princesses are scattered all across the kingdom, battling monsters in the distant corners of the realm.

Join Blaze, Treffen, Sai, Gork, and Otto as they battle against the forces of the Dark Consul and work to reunite the princesses. Will it be enough to save all of Crystalia?

We’re not the only ones who think this story is awesome!

Amazing writing style!

D. W. Vogel’s writing style is amazing and draws you deep into the
bright and vivid world of Junior Ranger Treffen Cedarbough. You really
feel like you are there sharing in the challenges, adventures, and

Owner, SolarFlare Games

Don’t miss out!

“Great heroes, great villain, and a great story. If you haven’t read The Midnight Queen, you’re really missing out.”

author of Galactic Badlands

Adventure and Magic!

“Chock-full of adventure and magic and heroes fighting against great odds!”

author of Threadbare

Thumbs Up!

“A fast-paced adventure set in a fascinating world. Thumbs up!”

author of The City and the Dungeon


Frequently Asked Questions


I live outside the US. Are you offering international shipping?
Yes, we are. Due to a US fulfillment center, some countries will cost more than others to ship to, but we tried our best to offer shipping to as many countries as possible. See below for a list of countries/regions/continents we are NOT shipping to.

Russia, Middle East region, African countries, North Korea, Venezuela, Antarctica

Am I responsible for paying customs?
Yes, you will be responsible as the consumer to pay any surcharges or custom fees at delivery.

Are refunds/returns allowed?
If order cancellations become necessary, please contact us at, and we would be happy to help. Refunds for physical items will be offered on a case-by-case basis during the preorder window. Any digital items purchased are nonrefundable. Our shipped items will have postal insurance to protect your order, so any damaged/lost items will be insured during delivery.

Are there any translations for the series?
At this time, our series and playing cards with the minis are only available in English.

How will the minis be manufactured?
The designs were originally done by Soda Pop/Ninja Division’s artists in true Super Dungeon fashion. We are using an established manufacturing company with experience in making resin mini figures and with the ability to manufacture the minis in this set timeline. The minis are prepped up to production molding and only need final print numbers for the last printing stage.

Are these books canon lore?
Yes, these books are canon. We went through extensive research and study guides provided by Soda Pop/Ninja Division, and all of our plots were approved. We include characters that fans know and love (Midnight Queen, Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, the princesses, etc.) and are as true to the board game as possible.

What age group are these books for?
These books are for all age groups. We have them labeled as “smart Middle Grade,” which basically means that younger ages will enjoy the series, but the writing and content does not exclude older fans.

Can I purchase ebooks by themselves?
This is a special, early release of these books as a five-book series with limited-edition minis. For now, we are focusing on the physical copies of both books and minis as a special shoutout to Super Dungeon fans before we release to the general public. Starting in June 2019, we will be releasing the ebooks and printed versions of this series. The release times will be spaced out every few months, with book five closing it out in June 2020. At this time, we will not be offering ebooks for individual sale, but they will be available on Amazon and other major online distributors as they release in the next two years.

Can I purchase extra minis later on?
This is a limited-edition printing. Sales will depend on how long supplies last. The only sure way to get minis is to get them now.

What about my previous Super Dungeon purchases?
We are not involved in any previous Super Dungeon projects. For any questions about fulfillment for previous Super Dungeon purchases, please direct your questions to

Is your question not answered above? Please reach out to the Future House team at, and we would be happy to help.