Future House Publishing Increases Distribution Power with Workman Publishing

Future House Publishing Increases Distribution Power with Workman Publishing

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November 11, 2019

Over the last five years, Future House has grown a lot. We’ve gone from having three books to publishing over 50 titles, including novels in licenses like Mythica and Super Dungeon. We’ve sold books, anthologies, short stories, t-shirts, and even mini figures for a board game.

Last fall we partnered up with Familius and began breaking our way into some of the more traditional publishing channels. It’s been awesome to see our books get the attention from bookstores that they’ve been getting on Kickstarter, Amazon, and in schools.

Now we have even bigger news. Through Familius, Future House is now going to be distributed by the largest independent publisher in the nation, Workman Publishing.

We are thrilled by each of the successes we’ve experienced since our beginning, like our books hitting bestseller lists and receiving recognition by Whitney Awards and Utah 2016 Book Awards. And yet, this new development has us more excited than ever!

We will continue to publish debut and established authors as well as novelizations of licensed properties, bringing stories to fans that are already eager to read them. We have a new novelization coming out early 2020 that is set in the world of the Master of Wills game, and we are already in discussion with others for future partnerships. And this is just the beginning! With the help of Familius and Workman, Future House plans on bringing even more amazing stories to readers around the globe.

Workman Publishing will begin distributing Future House Publishing’s science fiction, fantasy, and middle grade titles in October 2019.

Remember to check out Amazon or your local bookstores to buy our books.

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