Future House Novelizes International Strategy Game Hit Super Dungeon

Future House Novelizes International Strategy Game Hit Super Dungeon

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December 6, 2018

Elves, princesses, and riftlings…Set in the world of the bestselling tabletop strategy game, Super Dungeon, our new five book series tells the story of the Heroes of Crystalia as they battle epic monsters and track down the adventuring princesses in the furthest reaches of the realm. The series and limited edition miniature figures of the main characters will be available later this year.

We’re so excited to launch our newest project, bringing the Super Dungeon game to life with four of our very own authors, including Adam Glendon Sidwell, D. W. Vogel, Zachary James, and Christopher Keene.  To help with the project, we brought in two brand new authors: Dan Allen and David J. West.

You may know Christopher Keene from his growing three-book litRPG series, Dream State Saga.  Or perhaps you are a fan of D. W. Vogel and her bestselling sci-fi series, Horizon Alpha. Or maybe your kids have read Adam Glendon Sidwell’s delicious Evertaster series, where the FHP story all began.

Reflecting on the new project, Sidwell said, “Super Dungeon is so rich with lore, it was practically begging us to write characters and plot our storylines inside its universe.” We couldn’t agree more and are absolutely enchanted with the series our authors penned to life.

For more information on our Super Dungeon series, follow us on social media or check back on our website here: next blog post link w/pre-order details? Or super dungeon series page, once that’s live.

If you missed the month-long Kickstarter for the Super Dungeons series, don’t worry!  All five books will be available in print wherever books are sold, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Indie bookstores.  We will also make the series available on all major ebook platforms for those of you who prefer your eReaders. If you’re passionate about your favorite books like we are here at Future House, the Kickstarter is worth the rush; Kickstarter backers are guaranteed limited edition miniature figures. Once the stock runs out, they will be gone.

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