The Glauerdoom Moor



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From the epic fantasy world of Super Dungeon comes the third novel in a riveting, new series.



About The Glauerdoom Moor

Sai doesn’t want to be a hero. She wants to steal the greatest jewel in Crystalia. But when a Royal Warden sets the perfect trap, Sai is forced to take a job from King Jasper himself—to rescue his daughter Princess Citrine from the evil Von Drakk. Escape should be easy for an accomplished thief, but the Royal Warden refuses to let her out of his sight until they find the stolen princess.

Sai thrives in the unsavory places in Castletown, but those pale in comparison to the Glauerdoom Moor. Witches and zombies lurk around every corner, and the swamp itself seems against them. Worse than the Moor itself is the tyrant who rules it on behalf of the Dark Consul. The undead Baron Von Drakk has a host of evil creatures at his command and powerful dark magic of his own.

How can Sai defeat someone who took out an entire army, led by the great Princess Citrine herself?


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