What Sets Fantasy Apart from Other Genres and Why Is It So Popular?


When it comes to fiction, everyone has their favorite genres. As the fourth most popular genre behind romance, action, and science fiction, fantasy always tends to fall within the top 5. While some critics lump sci-fi and fantasy together, fantasy is in a world of its own because of the magic everyone wishes they possessed. Both sci-fi and fantasy put readers in another world and usually another time, but always with the understanding that there is nothing commonplace about what you are about to read. So if you are wondering what sets fantasy apart from other genres, even most sci-fi, light your bookish candles and sit back for a trip into a magical realm.


Magic Is a Must

While other genres dabble in mystery or the unknown, fantasy always has an element of magic. That is the leading element that sets it aside. Without magic, it just wouldn’t be fantasy! In the real world, you can’t conjure up a potent spell to cast aside demons and evil wizards, but in the world of fantasy, there is a spell for everything. Looking to cast the gnomes and trolls out of your realm? It’s easy if you live in a world where there is magic.


Good vs. Evil

There is something quite wonderful about living in a fantasy world where good eventually overcomes evil. Again, it wouldn’t be fantasy if all your dreams couldn’t eventually come true and most often that involves overcoming all the evil in your life that keeps you from realizing those dreams. From greedy lords of the manor to evil kings and queens, the magical knight or warlock always triumphs in the end. Fantasy sets you in a place where you can have hope for the future because few stories, or series as the case may be, ever end with evil triumphing over good. It just doesn’t happen in fantasy land.


Vicarious Living

There is another element of fantasy that makes it so popular: its ability to offer the reader a chance to live vicariously through the heroic protagonist. In life, we don’t always win our battles, and rarely ever overcome huge obstacles without a plethora of blood, sweat, and tears, but in the fantasy realm, sometimes all it takes is a wave of the wand and all your troubles vanish in the blink of an eye. In the world of fantasy, the lovely chamber maid always wins the heart of the prince and the prince always slays the evil dragon. With twists and turns, you eventually get what you want and so those who truly enjoy this genre are living vicariously through the many exploits of their heroes.

With so many truly wonderful authors stepping forward, creating magical worlds for their readers, the genre just keeps getting better and better. Yes, fantasy rises and falls in popularity, but you will always find this genre near the top of the list of favorites. Are you looking for magic in your life? Pick up the latest fantasy best seller and you’ll be taken away to a land of enchantment.

Popular Super Dungeon Strategy Game Turns into Bestselling Novels


Elves, princesses, and riftlings…Set in the world of the bestselling tabletop strategy game, Super Dungeon, our new five book series tells the story of the Heroes of Crystalia as they battle epic monsters and track down the adventuring princesses in the furthest reaches of the realm. The series and limited edition miniature figures of the main characters will be available later this year.


We’re so excited to launch our newest project, bringing the Super Dungeon game to life with four of our very own authors, including Adam Glendon Sidwell, D. W. Vogel, Zachary James, and Christopher Keene.  To help with the project, we brought in two brand new authors: Dan Allen and David J. West.


You may know Christopher Keene from his growing three-book litRPG series, Dream State Saga.  Or perhaps you are a fan of D. W. Vogel and her bestselling sci-fi series, Horizon Alpha.  Or maybe your kids have read Adam Glendon Sidwell’s delicious Evertaster series, where the FHP story all began.


Reflecting on the new project, Sidwell said, “Super Dungeon is so rich with lore, it was practically begging us to write characters and plot our storylines inside its universe.” We couldn’t agree more and are absolutely enchanted with the series our authors penned to life.


For more information on our Super Dungeon series, follow us on social media or check back on our website here: next blog post link w/pre-order details? Or super dungeon series page, once that’s live.


If you missed the month-long Kickstarter for the Super Dungeons series, don’t worry!  All five books will be available in print wherever books are sold, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Indie bookstores.  We will also make the series available on all major ebook platforms for those of you who prefer your eReaders. If you’re passionate about your favorite books like we are here at Future House, the Kickstarter is worth the rush; Kickstarter backers are guaranteed limited edition miniature figures. Once the stock runs out, they will be gone.

Super Dungeon Book Series Pre-Order Coming Soon


In August, Future House Publishing announced our new five-book series based in the world of Super Dungeon. Since that announcement, we’ve had tons of feedback from fans of the game. It’s been so great to hear from you all and see how excited you are about this new series!

Your voices were clear. The vast majority of you were interested in a pre-order and so that’s what we’ve decided to do.


Here is how it will work:

The pre-order will be open for 30 days. During that month, fans can order copies of all five books, plus sets of miniatures. After that time, we will immediately begin production of the books and minis. In ten to twelve weeks all pre-orders will be in the hands of their brand new owners. This will give us time to print the books, finish the mini manufacturing, and ship the products out.


The pre-order will include the following tiers:

  1. Print copies of five-book series
  2. Ebooks with minis
  3. Physical series, ebooks, and minis
  4. Physical series, ebooks, and two sets of minis (ten in total)

This pre-order is only going to be available for a short time, but the books will not disappear forever. Starting in June 2019, the first Super Dungeon book will be available in print and on digital wherever books are sold. The books will come out one by one every few months and fans can purchase them anytime in their favorite format. Subscribe to find out when your book will be released!

From Quiz Results:


How will minis be manufactured? Is Soda Pop/Ninja Division involved in the manufacturing process?

Soda Pop/Ninja Division initially provided us with the designs for the minis, so they are in true Super Dungeon fashion, but now that we have the completed designs they are no longer involved in the mini manufacturing process. As a publishing company, our speciality is books, not resin. But fans can rest assured we will be using an established manufacturing company with experience in making mini figures and with the ability to manufacture the minis in this set timeline. We are already set up for production with this company. Proofs are on the way. We can’t wait to show them to you once they arrive.


Are these books canon lore?

Yes, these books are canon. We went through extensive research and study guides provided by Soda Pop/ND, and all of our plots and characters are approved. We include characters that fans know and love (Midnight Queen, Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, the Princesses, etc.) and are true to the board games.


Who are the books for?

As for our target audience, these books are for all age groups. They are “smart” Middle Grade, which means that younger ages will enjoy the series, but the writing and content does not exclude older fans.


What kind of a publisher is Future House Publishing?

Future House publishes award-winning, best-selling science fiction, fantasy and children’s books. We love good storytelling.


Why are you releasing this series when Soda Pop has an unfulfilled Super Dungeon KS?

This has been a common concern we have heard expressed since announcing the SD series. We originally approached Soda Pop Miniatures two years ago with the business proposal to write a five-book series in the world of Super Dungeon. The books took some time to write and coordinate and by the time they were ready to release, the Super Dungeon KS had hit some snags. It’s been over a year since then and we don’t feel like we can delay any longer; it would be unfair to our authors (and their fans). Fans can rest assured that the Soda Pop teams have finished their contributions to this project, and this book series and/or minis will not be dependent on any part of that Kickstarter.


What about my previous Super Dungeon purchases?

We are not involved in any previous SD projects. For any questions about fulfillment for previous SD purchases, please direct your questions to info@sodapopminiatures.com.


Can I purchase ebooks by themselves?

This is a special, early release of these books as a five-book series with limited edition minis. For now, we are focusing on the physical copies of both books and minis as a special shoutout to SD fans before we release to the general public. Starting in June 2019, we will be releasing the ebooks and printed versions of this series. The release times will be spaced out every few months, with book five closing it out in June 2020. At this time, we will not be offering ebooks for individual sale, but they will be available on Amazon and other major online distributors as they release in the next two years.


Can I purchase extra minis later on?

This is a limited edition printing. Sales will depend on how long supplies last. The only sure way to get minis is to get them now.


Will you offer refunds?

At Future House, happy readers is a top priority. We commit ourselves to being a trustworthy, quality-producing company. To ensure accountability, we will be offering refunds up until shipping begins. We will post updates to our social media and our blog to keep customers aware of production as it occurs.



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Substantive Editing

What Are Sub Edits and How They Work


We’ve all been there: reading a good book, minding our own business, when something seems to smack us out of the story.  

A gangster gasps and says “goodness!”

The leather-wearing, butt-kicking femme fatale giggles and blushes at a complement.

“She whirled, her curly hair sticking to her lip gloss.” Wait, that character has curly hair? You’ve been imagining her with straight hair for 200 pages!

“The heroine’s eyes flutter before looking up through her lashes into her beau’s ocean blue eyes. He can’t take his eyes off her, oblivious that all eyes are on him.”  So many eyeballs!

Sound familiar? Substantive editing is where you and your editor work together to dial in on any issues that might get in the way of a reader becoming fully immersed in the story or committed to the characters. In this step, everything from misused tenses to awkward wording is addressed. This is where details are organized, the language is smoothed out, and your fifty-millionth draft is polished into a true manuscript.


How it works:

First and foremost, don’t panic. A lot of writers are worried about this step because they fear their voice, humor, or vision will be lost. No editor should make substantive or stylistic changes without your permission. Your editor is on your team, and wants to help your vision come across as clearly as possible to your future readers.

Most editors will simply read through your manuscript, leaving comments or suggested changes as they go, and then send it back to you for review. If a larger change is needed, or some details need to be restructured, you may also receive a substantive edit report which outlines the problem area and suggests a possible solution or two. It is, of course, entirely up to you what to change and what to keep.

Just keep this in mind: If an editor tells you how to fix something, they might be wrong. If an editor tells you something needs fixing, they’re always right. Whether you take or leave their suggestions, if your editor flags something, it’s not working as-is. Take note and make use of your editor’s expert eye—your readers will thank you for it.

Dialogue between you and your editor is extremely important at this stage if you want to end with the best possible result. Always ask for clarification if you are confused with a comment or recommendation, and if you feel your editor didn’t understand the purpose of a device or passage, feel free to talk to them about it.


How to prepare:

Take a short break from your manuscript. Read something else, preferably in an entirely different genre. You’ve probably read every sentence in your book a dozen times at this point, and it can be difficult to sort out what seems out of place when you’ve been shuffling the pieces around like you’re playing literary musical chairs. So take a break, and when you feel ready, start from the very beginning. Read until the end, resisting the urge to make changes as you go. You may flag or mark things for changing later, but do not get sidetracked from your mission. Your goal is to read it all the way through like it’s your first time. Let the story unfold. Note where it snags. Once you’ve reached the end, go back and smooth it out. Rinse and repeat. Once you’re happy with it, or simply don’t know what else to change, it’s ready for the editor.


About Britny:

Britny is a freelance Editor and Technical Writer from Southern California. She interned with Future House Publishing and briefly served as the house Publicist before settling into her home office in Utah. She never misses a chance to roll up her sleeves, whether it’s to refurbish furniture or restructure fiction, and is an old lady in training. She loves knitting, plants, pets, and corduroys.